Our sustainable actions

Our sustainable actions

Let's move towards sustainable tourism!

Camping La Bastiane is committed to respect and preserve the environment through the Eco-act passport with 7 major areas of action. We invite you to join this approach during your stay and we are listening to your suggestions to enrich this passport.

Environmental Charter

La Bastiane campsite, its managers and teams are commited to respect and preserve the environment through an Environmental Charter.

We have decided to focus on 7 big areas of actions:

Reduction of waste generation

  • Waste sorting
  • Recycling bags in our cottages
  • No food waste solutions
  • Washable laundry
  • BRITA water filter jug in our Premium cottages
  • Activated carbon filter at the restaurant

Energy management

  • Solar panels to product hot water in one sanitary
  • Low energy light bulbs and electric devices
  • More than 90% of our light bulbs are energy class A or A+
  • All of the lights are LED
  • Occupancy sensors in sanitaries and public areas
  • Outside solar lights
  • Automatic stop system when the aircon is on and the door is open, in our Premium cottages
  • Centralisation of the lighting in more than 70% of our cottages

Water management

  • Tap in our cottages are equipped of flow restrictor
  • All our showers in sanitaries have temperature regulated mixing-valve tap
  • Toilets in our cottages have a dual flush to use between 3 and 8 L of water instead of 10 to 12 L
  • All our toilets in sanitaries have a temporised flush
  • Drip watering system for gardens
  • Synthetic grass to save water

Responsible purchasing

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • No paper wipes
  • Eco-friendly welcoming products
  • Eco-friendly brochure and stationery
  • Vegeterian meals at the restaurant
  • Local and organic wines selection at the restaurant
  • Local product selection at the grocery store

Protecting biodiversity

  • Maintenance of green spaces without artificial fertiliser
  • Planting local plants species
  • Information on local fauna and flora
  • Advices to discover natural places in the region
  • Trips to local producers

Using eco-friendly transportations

  • The staff has electric golf cars inside the campsite
  • Bikes rentals at the reception
  • Partnership with BELTRAME (autocars) to discover the main sites of the region

Get more comfort

  • No driving between 11PM to 7AM, many pedestrian areas
  • Fragrance dispenser in sanitaries
  • Respect of a landscape plan
  • Quality welcoming
  • Activities made for families
  • Playgrounds in free access and equipment at your disposal for free

Every year we are commited on new criterias, do not hesitate to give us some ideas!

Thank you for supporting in our approach during your stay using some easy gestures:

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